Prices for delivery of goods

The conditions and time of delivery of goods may vary. You can view the shipping cost of the products on our checkout page.

Terms of delivery of goods

We always inform the customer about delivery problems or other logistics problems personally, using the contact data provided during the purchase.

Returning the goods

After receiving the order (before starting to use the product), please check the package, sales receipt, invoice and packaging.

The product can be returned if:

  • you received the wrong product you ordered.

We are sorry if the product you ordered was not delivered to you. We will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. In order to be able to return the amount paid or exchange the product, please inform us by phone within 14 days.

  • you received a damaged or defective product.

We apologize if you received a damaged or defective item. In order to avoid any inconvenience, we will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. If you believe the product is damaged or unusable, please contact us. After receiving detailed information about the suspected defect, we will advise you on what to do next.

Conditions for returning goods:

  1. The returned item was not damaged.
  2. The item being returned has not been used.
  3. The returned item has not lost its merchandise appearance due to the Buyer’s fault (except for changes in appearance that are unavoidable in order to inspect the item).

If you want to return the product you received:

Please contact us via the e-mail address listed in the contacts, indicating why you wish to return the product. It is necessary to provide the above information or use visual aids. We will investigate the case and indicate the return address and conditions:

Please package the received item safely, and indicate the name, address and attach the purchase invoice inside the package. If you request an exchange for another item, but we no longer sell it, the amount paid will be refunded to the credit/debit card or PaySera account used at the time of purchase. Until the product reaches our warehouse, it is your responsibility to return it, so we recommend using reliable delivery services when sending the product.

The seller informs the buyer by e-mail within 14 days whether the returned product met the conditions listed above.

Please note that we can refund the amount paid for shipping the product if:

  • we sent you the wrong product you ordered;
  • the item received is damaged or defective.

The shipping cost refund amount will depend on the item. All information about this will be provided to you when we investigate it.

If you notice that the package of the delivered package is damaged (torn, wet or otherwise externally damaged), you must note this in the invoice or other document indicating the delivery-acceptance of the package and write a free-form package violation act in the above-mentioned manner. If this is not done, the Seller is exempted from responsibility towards the Buyer due to damage to the goods.

If the buyer signs the invoice or other document indicating the delivery-acceptance of the shipment, it is considered that the shipment has been delivered in a suitable condition.

Purchase rules

We reserve the right to change, amend or add to the rules at any time, taking into account the requirements set by the legislation.

The contract between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded from the moment the Buyer e-mails after creating a shopping cart in the store, specifying the delivery address, choosing the payment method, confirms the order.

The order starts after payment for the goods. We may contact you to check the order and clarify the delivery conditions.

If the delivery address is outside Lithuania, you may be subject to customs, value added or other taxes that are determined by the country to which the product is sent (it is advisable to contact the Seller for details). All additional charges are your responsibility. We would like to emphasize that the amount of customs duty may vary significantly in different countries. For more detailed information, we recommend contacting your local Customs Department.

You assume full responsibility for products delivered by us to the specified address you selected when placing your order. We do not accept any responsibility for mistakes made by you, for example, when you specified the wrong delivery address or did not collect the package from it.

All prices shown on our website are inclusive of value added tax (where applicable) which is based on the latest rate set and correct at the time you entered the information into the system. We reserve the right to change the current prices at any time without prior notice, but all orders placed before the price change will be charged at the prices prevailing at the time of the order.